One day you realize – it’s your turn!  It’s time to focus on you, once and for all!

These Game Changer Team members decided it was time to make a commitment to drastically improve their health and happiness.  With a huge support system, these individuals set goals, raised their awareness, changed bad habits, and began living a new healthy lifestyle.

Fitness coaches, Diane van Mierlo and Katie Mercer, led our March 2014, 6 – week Game Changer Challenge and the team members had some amazing results!!

Individuals joined the challenge for different reasons – some of their goals included:

  • lose weight
  • lose body fatIMG_3403
  • put on more lean muscle
  • increase strength
  • workout more consistently
  • have more accountability
  • learn how to eat better
  • learn to develop a healthy relationship with food
  • do a chin-up

Fitness coaches met with team members several times throughout the challenge to set specific goals, guide them with nutrition tips, provide support and encouragement, and hold them accountable through a private Facebook page.  We had weekly goals and challenges to keep team members inspired.  Together with the trainers, the fitness coaches helped everyone stay on track!  The power of the group helped motivate members to overcome personal challenges, adopt a new, healthier lifestyle and achieve fitness goals they never dreamed possible!

Once a team member made the mind shift from diet to lifestyle – there was no stopping the amazing results!   We had 29 members between our San Clemente & Dana Point locations.  They lost a total 385 pounds, 285 inches off their waist and hips, and an average of 5% body fat – in just 6 weeks!



lori clark before

Lori Before

lori clark after

Lori After











Lori lost 20 lbs, 7.5% body fat & 9.26 inches!

Before joining the challenge Lori had increased stress from work, life, marriage, etc. She was very angry at work, knew she needed to lose weight and was anxious about turning 40.  “I want to be fit and fabulous at 40 and feel good about myself,” Lori told me.  Lori loved focusing on specific goals and appreciated the support she received from the staff and her family.  She never expected to be so successful and now feels amazing.  Lori’s story is typical for our game changers!

teryy gipe before

Terry Before

terry gipe after

Terry After











Terry Gipe lost 13 lbs, 4.6% body fat, & 9.5 inches!

Another team member from the last challenge, Terry Gipe, said that life and age had caught up to her but she was not ready to admit it.  She said she was always tired and bored with her rare workouts – but all that changed when she joined the challenge.  Terry loves getting up in the morning to work out and now is very conscious of her food choices.  Terry thought her love handles were here to stay – but they have disappeared and her clothes fit great. In just 6 weeks, she lost 13 lbs, 4.6% body fat and 9.5 inches in her waist and hips.  Terry said, “this is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!”

Dan Bray
Lost 22 lbs, 6.1% body fat & 6.5 inches

Jamie Stansel

Jamie Stansel

Nicole Cinquini
Lost 7.3 lbs, 4.9% body fat & 5 inches

Atia Self
Lost 13 lbs, 5.5% body fat & 6.25 inches

Jamie Stansel
Lost 14 lbs, 3 % body fat & 11 inches
She can now do a chin up!

Marilyn Brazele
Lost 16 lbs, 5.4% body fat & 13 inches

Colleen Hux
Lost 7 lbs, 3.8% body fat & 3.5 inches

Jill Berry
Lost 9 lbs, 1 % body fat & 4.25 inches
She can now do a chin up!

Chris Samuelson
Lost 16 lbs, 5.2% body fat & 7.5 inches
He can now do 5 chin ups!


Tonya Warren

Lisa Demchik
Lost 19 lbs, 3.4% body fat & 6 inches

Tamara Martin
Lost 11 lbs, 6.4% body fat & 6 inches

Tonya Warren
Lost 15 lbs, 5.6% body fat, and 13 inches
She can now do 3 chin ups!

Jessica Campbell
Lost 10 lbs, 4.5% body fat & 6 inches

Karla Vogtman
Lost 9 lbs, 4.4% body fat &5.5 inches

Hillary Streeter
Lost 6 lbs, 2.9% body fat & 8 inches


Malani lost 13 lbs, 7.8% body fat & 9.5 inches

Malani Yabsley was another member of the Game Changer challenge. She was determined to loose the rest of her pregnancy weight and finally get back to feeling “normal.” Malani challenged herself and achieved great results!

Malani Yabsley before

Malani Before

malani Yabsley after

Malani After











Unlike other programs… these results ARE typical!

Our next Game Changer Challenge Starts on June 9th.  This is an opportunity to take 6 weeks to fundamentally change your life!  With a HUGE amount of support and accountability, you will once and for all be able to break bad habits and replace them with healthy new ones.  We will guide you on your journey towards achieving your goals and living the life you have always dreamed of!  Together with the help of trainers and a fitness coach, you will learn how to adjust your diet, increase the intensity of your workouts and achieve specific goals.  We have the formula that works!  We also have a few new surprises in store for this group of Game Changers … We are So Excited to Change some lives!




We only have a few more spots available – if you are ready to Change YOUR Game – call today! (949)218-2267 or (949)276-7650.