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Our Game Changers Challenge is a life-changing six weeks for both coach and participant. So Cal Boot Camp Fitness Coach, Diane van Mierlo shares her story of success as a participant-turned-coach:

“Having gone through a life changing transformation myself, I know firsthand the mental, physical and emotional journey that the Game Changers are facing.  Change is HARD and SCARY!  Realizing that your lifestyle is spiraling in the wrong direction is the first step – but making the commitment to change is the most difficult.  Most people need help with this commitment through accountability and support – and that’s what the Game Changer Challenge is all about.

IMG_7617I feel honored that the team members allow me into their lives to uncover exactly what is keeping them from achieving their goals and becoming the very best versions of themselves. The greatest joy for me is to see the change in someone’s face when they finally make the mindshift from “diet” to lifestyle – when they understand reality vs perception in the decisions they make on a daily basis.  Timing is EVERYTHING – and when the time is right and an individual is ready to commit to change, AMAZING things happen.  Once a game changer begins to feel changes in the way they feel and look, inside and out, the momentum gets going and it’s simply wonderful to witness.

So with respect to the participants of this Game Changer Challenge – we had people join for many different reasons looking to accomplish a variety of goals – not only weight and body fat loss.  For many this was an emotional journey to change how they were moving through life – a reset – and, for most, that has been achieved.  They tell me daily how happy they are that they joined the challenge and that they are sad it’s coming to an end.

But it’s really not over – because they have changed their lifestyle.

We have had some amazing individual results and for others – this was just not the right time.  And that’s ok!   We have raised their awareness and when they are ready to make the commitment to themselves, they will be armed with the knowledge and they know where to come for support.  For those who did make the mindshift – they are on a journey towards great physical fitness and health.  So proud and blessed to be a part of this amazing group of people!”

– Diane van Mierlo

Our San Clemente Challenge winner, Jackie Million, lost 15.5 pounds and nearly 8% body fat. She told us what accomplishing her goals and sticking through the Challenge has given her:

Million, Jackie“I finally feel good about myself, both emotionally and physically. Without sounding too dramatic, I can honestly say that this Game Changer Challenge has played a very pivotal role in my life. There has been a major shift and I am so excited to see what other things I can accomplish.

I feel stronger and healthier than I have in 10 years. This hasn’t just been a 6 week program for me. It is has been a LIFE CHANGER!”

-Jackie Million

Click on Jackie to view her video testimonial!

Fann, ChristyOur San Clemente Runner Up, Christy Fann, lost 18.5 lbs, 12.5 inches, and 6% body fat! Her transformation was amazing to see!






Congrats to everyone who participated in the San Clemente Game Changer! You Rock!

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