Our Dana Point Game Changer Challenge has come to a close with some incredible results! The group leaned up, got toned, and cranked out more chin ups than ever before.

8 Members – 6 Weeks

  • Total weight lost: 92.6 lbs.
  • Total inches off waist and hips: 50 in
  • 4.4% average loss in Body Fat% with a group total of 35.1%

The fat is gone! And all of the Game Changers intend on keeping it off. They’ve built entirely new habits and routines around healthy nutrition and fitness. They’ve truly changed the game in their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Game Changers

Congratulations to our winner, Cat Davis!! Throughout the 6 – week challenge, Cat lost 18 pounds, 5 inches off her waist, and dropped nearly 7% in body fat! Here is what she had to say about her transformation:

Before the Game Changer, I was stuck in a loop of working out, eating unhealthy, losing confidence, and giving up. I wanted to shock my system into a new way of living. This challenge transformed my concept of what “healthy living” actually is and how to sustain it. My biggest change was my mentality, realizing that I DO have the ability to change my life and my body! Along with losing the weight and inches, I have shed all fears and self-doubt, gaining the self-confidence and willpower to say what’s next!?

– Cat Davis

Cat Davis

Cat Davis (Before/After)
Weight loss: 18 pounds, 7% body fat, 5 inches off waist!

Their enthusiastic leader and Fitness Coach at SCBC Dana Point, Jordan Ridder, says that these 6-weeks were hard but incredibly rewarding.

Making a change is not easy. It’s easy to understand how hard it can be to commit to consistent workouts and plan meals with the right foods. For the Game Changers it was not only about setting goals, but also enjoying the process along the way. Seeing the drive that each Game Changer brought, day in and day out, was amazing! It was a privilege to lead such a tenacious group. Even though they may have not seen the day-to-day progress, the transformation I saw each time they came through SCBC’s doors was phenomenal. I cannot bring to words how proud I am of each and every one of them. I am ecstatic not only for their physical change, but the emotional change experienced only through a journey, such as this, can bring.

Helping others and fitness are my passions, and the Game Changer Challenge gave me a way to motivate others to reach for their best. I want to thank Erick, Kirra, Cat, Renee, Rachael, Tracy, Robyn, and Laura for changing MY game! You all symbolize the reason why I wake up each morning and do what I do… Not being organic to California and my nearest relative being over 1500 miles away, I can truly say I feel like I am still part of a family. Thank you.

– Jordan Ridder

Congratulations to all 8 members of the Dana Point Game Changer Challenge! Everyone had AMAZING results and a life-changing experience that will last with you forever. Let this be just the tip of the iceberg and continue showing the world just how great you can become!

If you are interested in our next Game Changer Challenge – starting October 6th, ask about our Early Bird Special discount – $50 off if you sign up before August 31st. Give us a call at (949) 276-7650 (Dana Point) or (949) 218-2267 (San Clemente).

Erick Navarro

Erick Navarro (Before/After)
Weight loss: 13 pounds, 4% body fat; Can do 12 chin ups!

Laura Rivas

Laura Rivas (Before/After)
Weight loss: 6.5 pounds, 4% body fat, 3.25 inches off waist

Tracy McGarvey

Tracy McGarvey (Before/After)
Weight loss: 16 pounds, 6% body fat, down 3 pants sizes!

Robyn Stewart

Robyn Stewart (Before/After)
Weight loss: 8 pounds, 4% body fat; Can do 24 push ups in 30 seconds!