We are pleased to share the amazing story that Maggie Zeibak, from the San Clemente Journal, wrote about our awesome SCBC member Linnea Hannigan!

It’s not everyday you read about someone who has completely transformed their body and attitude on life. We are so thrilled that the San Clemente Journal gave the spotlight to someone who truly deserves it!
san clemente journal

Linnea challenged herself to change the perception she had on life, her exercise routine, and her eating habits.

“I decided that if I was going to recommend the Juice Plus Transformation concept to my friends and family, I had to test it on my toughest skeptic, my toughest customer and my harshest critic – I needed to see if it was do-able, easy and effective. I had to try it out on someone who has been overweight for many years, someone who has suffered from asthma and high blood pressure and stress, someone who has unsuccessfully tried every diet and lifestyle plan known to man, someone whose back and hips hurt constantly from lack of exercise, someone who hated exercise, someone whose self-esteem had been hurt by repeated failures and disappointments…I had to try it on myself.”

Starting her whole-food Juice plus Complete shakes, she knew she had to pair it with an awesome exercise routine. Linnea found So Cal Boot Camp and shares that from the moment she walked through the door at SCBC she was surrounded by total love and support.

Linnea amazingly lost 15% body fat and naturally lowered her blood pressure! She not only lost weight but she got her life back! Seeing her come into So Cal Boot Camp lights up the room! Her story and the way she lives her life is so powerful. This article is truly inspiring, check it out for yourself

Click here to read the complete article on Linnea Hannigan’s Total transformation in the San Clemente Journal!