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We concluded the Take Down Challenge with a fun celebration last night. Our group as a whole lost 442 lbs in just 4 weeks!  That is an average of 5.33% body weight per participant!

Please congratulate our Take Down Challenge winner Hydee Mulichak from Dana Point, she lost an incredible 14.89 % of her body weight: 33 lbs and 10 inches off her body. Wow! What an amazing accomplishment!

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Hydee lost:

14.89% of her body weight
33 pounds
10 inches

“Before I joined the Take Down Challenge I was feeling heavy, weak, lethargic, and feeling guilty about everything I ate and drank. I joined this challenge to lose weight, get fit and healthy and get stronger. The challenge significantly affected my lifestyle: I started eating healthier and more balanced meals, started exercising regularly, which in turn help me make new friends and found great motivation to be fit again. Lisa Elias, who I met at So Cal Boot Camp, was my cheerleader! The accountability of the weekly weigh-ins and food journal was absolutely essential. This is just the beginning to get my fit body back! “ – Hydee Mulichak

Our 2nd place winner is Hallie Nicolosi

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 Hallie Lost:

10.38% of her body weight
19 pounds
9 inches

 “I joined this challenge as a leap of faith. I wanted to extend focus on myself in 2015. So Cal Boot Camp helped make it happen and I am so grateful. I noticed significant changes in WHAT I was eating and WHEN I would eat. It was simple and satisfying, but very challenging! The accountability of the weekly weigh-in and journal entries were highly effective. I lost 19 pounds! Woot Woot!” – Hallie Nicolosi

Our 3rd place winner is Kris Mcmains
image (31)Kris lost:

7.3% of her body weight
13 pounds
4 inches

 “Before I joined the Take Down Challenge I was frustrated and stuck in a plateau for 3 months. I joined this challenge to further my fitness and get over that plateau. Implementing the program was easy and my whole family was able to participate and keep me focused. My husband, sons, friends, and fellow boot campers all supported me. The accountability helped me a bunch. I looked forward to weigh-ins and keeping a journal to keep on track. This was a great program and I would recommend it to everyone!”

Our 4th place winner is Carol Carlson
image (32)Carol lost:

6.98% of her body weight
15 pounds
7.5 inches

“Before this challenge I felt like I was stuck and would never feel better. I didn’t take time for myself, I worked 48+ hours per week and on call 24/7. That is why I didn’t exercise. I joined this challenge because I wanted to get stronger, leaner, and increase my stamina. I wanted to learn how to eat to fuel my body throughout the day. I did the program 100% all in! The boot camp was more challenging than I anticipated. Exercising every day was a real shift for me. The So Cal Boot Camp peeps and the Facebook page, along with Josh and Morgan, were my support. I would not have disciplined myself to stick with it if I didn’t have the accountability of the journal and weigh-ins. It was awesome and I don’t want it to end!” – Carol Carlson

Our 5th place winner is Jay Gilbo
picstitch (1)Jay lost:

6.61% of his body weight
14.4 pounds
9 inches

“I was feeling sluggish, lazy, and tired from too much stress. I joined this challenge to start my journey to better health. The challenge was regimented, which is something I needed. This program changed my whole idea on how, when, and how much to eat. My son Johnny was my support through this challenge. The accountability of the weigh-ins and journal helped immensely. I would highly recommend the Take Down Challenge to anyone.” – Jay Gilbo

We want to thank each and everyone of our clients who gave it their all. Our biggest hope is that you take what you have learned over the last 28 days and continue to use it throughout the rest of your lives.

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If you had great results, tell someone! Share your story! So Cal Boot Camp loves to affect the community in a positive way.

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