Congrats to all of our Take Down Challenge Participants!
In just 4 short weeks we lost a total of 518 lbs! 

1st Place Winner: Hydee Mulichak
2 (2)

  • Lost 30.5 Lbs.  &  11 Inches
  • Lost 15.8% of her body weight
  • Lost 6.3% body fat = total of 22.9 lbs of fat

Hydee lost 34 lbs. in our January Take Down Challenge so the pressure was on from day 1 of joining our May Take Down Challenge to show more results.  Anxious, she wasn’t going to be able to lose that amount of weight again she came in more disciplined and dedicated to the program then ever before. Hydee is the type of person that always brings a smile to your face because she exudes what we call here at So Cal Boot Camp “Positive Energy”! Here’s what she took away from doing the challenge:

“I joined the challenge to get closer to my goal weight. The challenge helped me get back on track to achieve my fitness goals and to be organized about my eating habits. I am amazed to have lost another 30 lbs. ! I have seen the biggest changes in my clothes. I can shop for regular sized clothes in shops!”

Co 1st Place Winner: Rod Mendoza

  • 2[1]Lost 27 Lbs. & 11 Inches
  • Lost 8.5% of his body weight
  •  Lost 9.5% Body Fat = Total 39.1 Lbs. of fat

Rod came in everyday to workout regardless of how sore he was or how tired he was from work. He worked hard in every boot camp class with lot of determination and good attitude. He went through ups and downs and finally was able to break through to the 200’s. He is a huge inspiration to all of us. Here’s what he took away from doing the challenge:

“I started the challenge because I was frustrated with the amount I was working out and the lack of results I was seeing. I wanted to drop weight! The challenge completely changed my life. It changed how I look at food on a daily basis. The biggest change was my energy level! I have so much energy now and am so excited to continue in my journey. I had the best support from the So Cal Boot Camp team other Take Down Challengers and everyone else from the So Cal Boot Camp family. This has been a life changing 28 days!”

3[1]Runner-Up: Aleah Chamberlain

  • Lost 15 lbs. & 10 Inches
  • Lost 8.8% of her body weight
  • Lost 6.7% Body Fat = Total 15.7 lbs of fat

Being a busy single parent it can be difficult to find time for yourself. But Aleah has been a member with So Cal Boot Camp for over a year. After hearing the results of previous contestants, she signed up… and “boy”, did she give everyone a run for their money! She came into every single class with complete focus and a clear intent to work hard. Here is a tid -bit of her story:

“Before the Take Down Challenge,  I was super busy with work, along with other small group events at my church and wasn’t making time for myself to prep food or workout. As a result, I was very lethargic and dissatisfied with my appearance and health. I joined the challenge because I needed to get my nutrition back on track and lose some stubborn fat. With the Take Down Challenge I not only lost 15 lbs. that were holding me back in a big way, but also lost 10 inches from my body in only 4 weeks, that is pretty incredible! I also have so much more energy now! An extra side-benefit was improvement to the way I sleep: nowadays I get a full night of sleep each night! I am super stoked with my results! Beyond the pounds and inches, I feel like I’ve finally got my groove back. I have more confidence than I had in a while! The Facebook page was a big help in staying motivated, as it gave us all a chance to share both struggles and successes with one another! “

So Cal Boot Camp hosts a 28 Day Nutrition Kickstart program called the Take Down Challenge three times a year. This body transformation program is completely customized to your body and goals and takes into account your activity level and body measurements. You will get weekly delicious recipes portioned specifically to you, you participate in a private facebook group with fellow challengers where you’ll get tons of support, attend boot camp classes and best of all being held accountable for everything you eat and drink with weekly weigh ins and organized activities. During these four weeks you will meet with our Nutrition specialists and receive one on one tips and tricks on how to curb cravings and stay motivated.

In our May 2015 Challenge we had a group of 60 participants lost 518 pounds in just 4 weeks. That is the size of 4 human beings each weighing 129 pounds that disappeared! That’s pretty incredible when you put it into perspective. On average each challenger lost 8.6 pounds.

Our participants found it easy to follow the system and recipes. Below are pictures of the food that some of our challengers made at home and shared on our Private TDC Facebook page.  Yes, these recipes were in the program!


If you want to sign up for our next Take Down Challenge starting September 11, 2015 click here. If you don’t want to wait until September to take action, you can join our Take Down Lifestyle program and start now! Just click here to learn more.