Congrats to all of our Take Down Challenge Participants!
In just four short weeks as a group we lost 545.5 pounds!

1st Place Winner: Lori LeRoyUntitled design

  • Lost 9.2% of her body weight
  • 14 Pounds
  • 12 Inches lost
  • Lost 7.8% body fat

” This is an incredible program. I have NEVER in my life done anything like this in any way. The menus and food options were easy to understand and follow. Just about every recipe I made was great and I have added them to my recipe arsenal. I reached my goals after only four weeks AND i have learned more about how to feed my body to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend this program for anyone that wants to loose inches,weight or body fat, and to feel physically, mentally and emotionally better after only four short weeks. Thank you SCBC!” 

2nd Place Winner: Kate Sitzman Untitled design (1)

  • Lost 9.2% of her body weight
  • 15 1/2 pounds
  • 11 inches lost
  • Lost 7.4% body fat

“Before I started this challenge I was feeling really down on myself, I had my second child. I did not feel my best I felt pretty fluffy and uncomfortable in jeans. So i knew I needed some kind of change. With all the support from SCBC and my amazing husband I did it! I loved all the food on the menu and how easy the pack and go sheet was. My birthday was even in the middle of the challenge and I stuck to it and was able to still enjoy my birthday but in a healthy way! I feel great now I can fit into my old jeans.  It overall was an awesome experience. “


3rd Place Winner: Susan Limonadi      

Untitled design (2)

  • Lost 8.7% of her body weight
  • 13 pounds lost
  • 11 inches lost
  • lost 6.3% body fat

“When the Takedown Challenge opened up in September I signed up hoping for the best. My last few attempts to shed the pounds were unsuccessful. I was determined to give the plan my best shot and stick with the program.  Rhonda kept saying, trust the program, it will work. So I did trust the program and it did work. I lost 13 lbs and more importantly a lot of inches.  I have not reached my final goal yet, but am determined to stick with this until I do. Thanks Rhonda and everyone at the So Call BootCamp team!” 

So Cal Boot Camp hosts a 28 Day Nutrition Kickstart program called the Take Down Challenge three times a year. This body transformation program is completely customized to your body and goals and takes into account your activity level and body measurements. You will get weekly delicious recipes portioned specifically to you, you participate in a private facebook group with fellow challengers where you’ll get tons of support, attend boot camp classes and best of all being held accountable for everything you eat and drink with weekly weigh ins and organized activities. During these four weeks you will meet with our Nutrition specialists and receive one on one tips and tricks on how to curb cravings and stay motivated.


In our September 2015 Challenge we had a
group of about 70 participants lost 545.5 pounds in just 4

If you want to sign up for our next Nutrition Challenge starting in January get in touch with us at If you don’t want to wait until January to take action, you can join our Take Down Lifestyle program and start now! Just click here to learn more.