Owner, Orshi leading a class at the Tennis Club

I’m so excited to share yet another new evolution to So Cal Boot Camp’s training program. We have many clients that go as far back as 2009 when I first started running group training out of my house in San Clemente.

Stay tuned to hear the exciting news that is going to be revealed in this blog post…

My training program started with the simple idea of providing personal training at an affordable cost for clients that were willing to train in a group setting.

It turned out that having workout partners created long-lasting friendships, added accountability and built a fun, positive workout environment.

This is how boot camp was born.

Stair workout at the Tennis Club

We started with a mostly outdoor format at the Rancho San Clemente Tennis Club (truly out in the dirt, with a few dumbbells and a boombox as a mobile speaker which we moved around between the tennis and basketball courts).

By our second year at the tennis club we had taken over with more clients coming to our classes than “tennis traffic”. It was time to find our own space and open our first gym – originally under the name: San Clemente Boot Camp (which later changed to So Cal Boot Camp).

As I opened my first new facility, I created a Station Method® concept which was revolutionary back then, as no other gym offered a similar fitness program.

Opening our first location in San Clemente in 2011

As the program continued to evolve,  we completely transformed the functional training studio market yet again with improved fitness programming. Brought in new equipment, such as kickboxing bags, rowers and incorporated heart rate training into our fitness programming, – leading the fitness studio category by finding ways to give clients better results in only a 40 min workout.

Opened our Dana Point location in 2013

Last year in 2016, we completely remodeled our San Clemente location and invested into more cutting edge heart rate training technology to provide the best possible experience and most accurate, reliable data to our clients when attending our classes. The new technology also integrates with our mobile app so our clients can receive their training data on their phone post-workout.

So Cal Boot Camp has such a deep rooted commitment to excellence, – which is one of our core values-,  we aspire to stay on the cutting edge of the fitness industry by continuously innovating and improving our methods and the way we deliver our services.

To be in line with this commitment, we started an R&D Team (Research & Development Team) at the end of 2016.

Our goals were to find answers to the questions:
1. “How can we give our clients even better results with our training program?” and
2. “How can we take heart rate based interval training to the next level?”

We noticed that some of our clients would have challenges with the following:
• Overtraining
• Plateauing
• Building muscle

As you see, a lot of other heart-rate based fitness studios put a lot of emphasis on training in the “orange zone”. This is great if you are looking for a metabolic-focused workout, but may not be effective or appropriate if you do that type of training every day.

Over the past 6 months, we have completely rebuilt our training program which we will be launching in a few weeks, on July 1st of this year.

So what’s so special about our new program?

• Our new fitness programming focuses on delivering a sustainable and complete program that can be customized to most client’s workout objectives.
• New class styles:
◦ Ignite: Strength Focused workout
◦ Burn: Metabolic Focused workout
◦ Torch: Active Recovery Focused workout
• New equipment to aid the new programming:
◦ Both new strength and cardio equipment (stay tuned to find out what…)

In the next few weeks you’ll see more details revealed about the purpose of our 3 new class styles, and how our new programming will help reach your fitness goals even faster!

Be sure to read our next blog post to learn more…


Here at So Cal Boot Camp our heart-rate based interval workouts are scientifically designed to deliver maximum fat burning result in the shortest amount of time by generating an afterburn effect which increases your metabolic rate for up to 37 hours after your workout.

Our comprehensive training programming allows for simultaneous improvements in strength, metabolic function, and cardiovascular endurance while achieving effective fat-loss and also allowing for active recovery.

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