There is an assumption that aerobic exercise (low intensity steady state cardio) is necessary for fat burning and also that it burns more fat than high-intensity exercise.

The reality is that no exercise, per se, burns a lot of body fat!

The average person weighing 150 lbs burns roughly 100 calories per mile  – whether the person walks or runs that mile. Since there are 3,500 calories in a pound of body-fat, it would be necessary to run or jog for thirty-five miles to burn 1 pound of body-fat. While both low- and high-intensity exercise burns calories, high-intensity exercise (such as what we do here at So Cal Boot Camp) does something that is highly important in the fat-burning process that its lower-intensity counterpart does not: It activates hormone-sensitive lipase.

I have to worn you that some science  lingo is coming up cutesy of Doug McGuff, MD from his book Body by Science…

When we are mobilizing glycogen out of a cell during high-intensity exercise, we’re also able to activate hormone-sensitive lipase, which permits the mobilization of body fat. If insulin levels are high, even in the face of a caloric deficit, hormone-sensitive lipase will be inhibited, and mobilizing fat out of the adipocytes will become essentially impossible.

This may explain why people who diet and take up either walking or jogging often find it difficult to lose much in the way of body fat.

There are ways of getting around controlling insulin levels: one way you can achieve that is with adopting a diet low in carbohydrates and sugar. However; you will have more dietary latitude if you also engage in high intensity exercise at the same time. That’s because in the face of high-intensity exercise (with its stimulation of adrenaline); hormone sensitive lipase is operating under an amplification cascade similar to that which occurs with glycogen mobilization.

Simply put, high intensity training unlocks your ability to break down your stored body fat, you can amplify this process with a low sugar, low carbohydrate diet.

Here at So Cal Boot Camp our heart-rate based interval workouts are scientifically designed to deliver maximum fat burning result in the shortest amount of time by generating an afterburn effect which increases your metabolic rate for up to 37 hours after your workout.

Our comprehensive training programming allows for simultaneous improvements in strength, metabolic function, and cardiovascular endurance while achieving effective fat-loss and also allowing for active recovery.

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