Over the past 6 months here at So Cal Boot Camp, our incredible Research & Development Team has completely rebuilt our training program that we are launching this week!

So what’s better about our new program?

Our new fitness programming focuses on delivering a sustainable and complete program that can be customized to your fitness objectives whether you are working on building strength, losing body fat, or just improving your athletic performance.

(Please schedule a brief fitness consultation with one of our staff members so we may customize this training program to your fitness objectives.)

Our heart-rate based interval workouts are scientifically designed to deliver maximum fat burning result in the shortest amount of time by generating an afterburn effect which increases your metabolic rate for up to 37 hours after your workout.

Our comprehensive training programming allows for simultaneous improvements in strength, metabolic function, cardiovascular endurance, fat-loss, while  also allowing for active recovery.

Our 3 signature Interval Based Workouts are:

    • Ignite: Strength Focused workout
    • Burn: Metabolic Focused workout
    • Torch: Active Recovery Focused workout

Here’s the breakdown:

Ignite: Strength focused interval-based workout.

Heart Rate Target zones: ORANGE & RED

Aim to reach lactic threshold. Focus on building strength by supersetting muscle groups. Workout with heavier weights to challenge your body with short, intense intervals.

You will notice that we eliminated “Blast” from our class lineup and replaced it with “Ignite”. Although the interval period is the same at 20 seconds, you’ll notice a significant difference in the fitness programming. We wanted to create a truly strength focused workout. We are adding heavier weights to our equipment line up and you’ll be performing single sided movements, supersets and explosive movements.

Burn: Metabolic focused interval based workout.

Heart Rate Target zone: ORANGE

Aim to spend most time in your anaerobic zone. The workout will include compound movements that engage both upper and lower body to elicit maximum fat-burn.

This is our signature metabolic workout where you are going to do full body exercises, core and plyometrics.

Torch:  Active Recovery focused interval-based workout.

Heart Rate Target zones: YELLOW

Aim to build aerobic endurance by sustaining movements for longer periods of time. It’s a great way to build a strong fitness foundation, get endorphins and fat burn for the day without overtraining.

We are excited to announce the addition of assault airbikes to our new equipment line up which along with the rowing machines will be a huge part of building aerobic endurance. This class may seem a bit slow to you at first, but you have to realize the objective of the class is active recovery where you’ll be doing balance-exercises, negatives (eccentric focused exercises) and isometric holds.

In addition, we are going to continue to offer our two signature 15-min add on classes:

Beast: Strength focused AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible).

Target zone: ORANGE & RED

Aim to build strength, pick up heavier weights and master more advanced exercises. This is a workout for experienced athletes with exceptional form and technique.

Recharge: Flexibility focused workout.

Target zone: GREEN & BLUE

Aim to work on mobility, flexibility and recovery. The workout will include dynamic movements and stretching to increase range of motion and improve performance.

Although everybody’s fitness objectives are different, here’s some generic recommendations to create your own fitness programming:

Training objective: Lose weight and/or decrease bodyfat:

  • Burn 2 to 3 x a week
  • Ignite 1 x a week
  • Torch 1x a week

Training objective: Build Strength / Increase muscle density:

  • Burn 1 x a week + Beast Camp add on if advanced athlete
  • Ignite 2 x a week
  • Torch 1x a week

If you can only get 3 workouts in per week, that’s ok too.  Start out by scheduling one of each of our metabolic based workouts: Ignite, Burn and Torch, which will give you a balanced fitness foundation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff members for a more customized program or to ask questions.

We are here to help you reach your fitness objectives, whatever it takes!


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