Tracking your heart rate during physical activity is the most accurate and realistic way to measure your intensity and bank data.  By doing so, you can look back at your historical data and see where you have improved. Using a heart rate monitor is not only a vital tool in the studio, but it’s a great indicator of how your body is performing on any given day, for any exercise, outside of boot camp. With heart rate training, you will get to know your body better than ever before. Knowledge is power and this is especially true when it comes to your personal fitness level!

Here are a few reasons to use a heart rate monitor in all of your fitness endeavors:

1. Real Time Data

With any exercise you choose to do, wearing a heart rate monitor is going to show you how hard your body had to work to perform. You are given the ability to know exactly how much effort you put forward in order to accomplish the exercise or movement.  With your unique data available at the touch of your finger, you can personalize your workouts in order to progress and improve every day.

2. Accountability

Wearing a heart rate monitor during your workouts gives you real time feedback.  You will know the exact zone you are in and be able to manage your output and or rest period that is needed during your workout..

3. Keep a Pulse on your Heart

Using a heart rate monitor during exercise can play a vital role for tracking your cardiovascular health. You are able to see how quickly you recover after an intense exercise. Also how quickly your heart recovers is an indicator of how healthy your heart is. This is especially measurable in interval training, similar to boot camp.


Having a purpose for your workout will give you a chance to maximize your opportunity for overall improved performance.  We take the guess work out of heart rate training. For the past few years at So Cal Boot Camp we have been using heart rate training in order to assist in tracking our clients workouts. We use target heart rate zone training in each of our different class styles to evaluate how you are progressing through the program.  

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