Meet Dena, one of our Dana Point So Cal Boot Camp members who changed her “GAME”!

“I set a goal for myself, followed the Game Changer Program and saw incredible results!”

A friend recommended So Cal Boot Camp to Dena, and she immediately fell in love with the fitness program. She found a fun place to get back into a consistent workout routine she can stick with! The whole community motivated her in her daily classes and she could feel the change starting. Shortly after she started with boot camp, she started hearing about the Game Changer Challenge and knew it was exactly what she needed.

Her poor eating habits and nightly glass of wine was holding her back from getting to her perfect body. She joined the Game Changer challenge which gave her focus and support that she needed to get through obstacles that were keeping her from reaching her goals.

She lost 9 pounds and 9.5 inches in just 4 weeks

“I was feeling lethargic, out of shape and not much motivation to get started back into a workout program before I found boot camp.”

Our 4-Week challenge is a lifestyle change that will give you the tools to successful acheive your goals and maintain. It is important to learn the nutrition and how to plan for yourself so that you can continue on this journey. The encouragement from our staff and clients will be a positive reinforcement to keep pushing. Dena has stuck with her plan and put into practice the tools she learned during the challenge to maintain a healthy body and weight.

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