Are you ready to get HYPED?!

We’ve been stuck at home for the past month, and it’s been the longest year of our lives. 

Motivation is running low, snacks are flying out of the pantry, and we all want this quarantine to go by faster somehow. (Please!)

If we didn’t have our morning weekday workouts with Coaches Dani and Shay, we’d LOSE IT!  We want to add to that. How about a little friendly competition?

Competition and Rules

Our So Cal Boot Camp Mini Challenge competition will run for 2 weeks, from April 17th to May 1st. 

That’s right – 14 days straight of challenges! Are you up to the task? GOOD!

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but this challenge is meant to be wide-ranging.  Some of the activities are most reps in a minute, some are most in a day, and some are a little more on the fun side!

Because having fun and being healthy is the best way of staying positive.

We will send a text message each day with the exercise, along with a little motivation.  

You’ll want to track your progress with pictures or videos. Don’t worry; while these are challenging, they are also meant to be fun and work different parts of your body!  Show us what you got! GO ALL OUT! 

The rules are simple:

  1. Complete the exercise within the timeframe
  2. Share your results, with your photos or videos, in the Facebook members group
  3. Share on Instagram
  4. Tag us, and use the hashtags #SCBCChallenge and #SCBCCommunity

At the end of this 2-week challenge, we will randomly choose 7 participants for some So Cal Boot Camp swag!

Sharing Your Progress

The best part of this Mini Challenge is seeing fellow So Cal Boot Campers take the challenge with you! Nothing beats healthy competition, right?

As part of the rules, we want to see you show off your completed challenge. It doesn’t have to be all business, add a dash of your personality to your pictures and videos! 

Blast your favorite song, wear your craziest pants, or set up a shot in your backyard. The possibilities for creativity are endless, so express yourself and have fun!

Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtags #SCBCChallenge and #SCBCCommunity on your completed challenge progress!

Let’s Have Fun

So Cal Boot Camp is all about community and getting fit together in an energetic and fun environment! That starts with you! We miss seeing you, so snap some pictures! 

We hope you enjoy the Mini Challenge, and we’re excited to see your progress during the next 2 weeks!

The Mini Challenge starts this Friday, April 17th! ARE. YOU. READY?

We can’t wait to get back into our facilities and get our workout on!  If you haven’t already, connect with us on Facebook and make sure you join our members page!

If you have any questions, reach out to us in the Facebook group!

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