We miss our So Cal Boot Camp Fit Family SO MUCH!! 

It feels like we were in our gym just yesterday. We can’t believe it’s been WEEKS!

Socializing is just human nature, and what we miss most of all are those good feelings of motivating each other through workouts and feeling like a community – a family. 

The #SCBCCommunity is strong. Together, we will overcome this quarantine with our weekday sessions with Coaches Dani and Shay, and the power of Facebook and Instagram!

Look, we won’t sugar-coat it… It’s been HARD being apart from friendly faces that you’ve gotten to know and love during classes at So Cal Boot Camp.

We want to help! We’re recommending a few ways on how to stay connected with your #FitFamily!

Make Daily Connections

This is an important one! Make daily connections with members throughout your day. 

You don’t have to have full-on conversations, but try to connect with someone during the day to avoid feeling isolated. As we begin our mini-challenge, take the time to like and comment on people’s posts!

Connect with your SCBC bestie or leave positive messages for members of our Fit Family to see on our SCBC members’ Facebook page!

Coach Dani thinks that making daily connections is important. We couldn’t agree more!

She says, “Talking with my friends about my worries and anxiety has helped me so much because they always tend to give me great advice.”

It’s important for you and your mental health to make those connections even just once a day. Who knows, it could be exactly what you need to perk up! Keep up with your Fit Family! Remember, this won’t last forever!

Explore Happy Hour

Virtual chats have skyrocketed, and it’s no surprise! 

We miss having face-to-face moments with our favorite people. That’s why we definitely recommend having a video chat with your Fit Family! 

Make a night out of it! We meet for weekday sessions every morning, so why not get some SCBC friends and get together in the evening? 

Give your video chats a twist by turning it into a happy hour! When the work(out) is done, it’s time to have fun! It’s a stressful time, so let yourself unwind.

Did you miss our virtual nutrition Zoom session on Wednesday?  Don’t worry, we are going to come back in two weeks on 4/29, and we want to see what everyone is preparing for dinner!  Virtual Dinner – #SCBCCommunity-style!

Share Your Progress

Another way to stay connected with your Fit Family is to share your progress!

No one knows better than the SCBC Community about how fulfilling it is to finish a session and encourage positivity. Why not share your progress after each session? 

Coach Shay feels tremendous support from the community when getting involved!

She says, “We are a community, and without it, it is really difficult to stay inspired and motivated. Posting to your social media or engaging on our private page, etc. will help tremendously and gives us all a sense of accountability.”

Remember to share your pictures on our Facebook or on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us so we can see you, and use the hashtag #SCBCCommunity.


We can’t wait to get back into our facilities and get our workout on!  If you haven’t already, connect with us on Facebook and make sure you join our members’ page!

If you have any questions, reach out to us in the Facebook group!

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