Hey #SCBCCommunity!

Since we’ve had to stop our regular routines, a workout schedule has been more challenging.  We’ve had to adjust at home, and you’ve adjusted so well! 

We see you going hard at our weekday live workouts with Coaches Shay and Dani! 

Our gym is our safe space to get energized and pumped.  Without it, we can experience what threatens our fitness performance the most… A lack of MOTIVATION. 

Motivation is the key to keeping us in great shape and going the distance with our workouts! When we miss the motivation, our performance suffers. It’s important to have your mind focused so you can perform at 100% every time!

That’s also why we created our daily challenges – to push yourself and to support others.  After all, we’re in this together.

Here are a few reasons why motivation helps us perform!

Accomplish Fitness Goals

Motivation helps us perform at our best and accomplish our goals! Having goals goes hand in hand with motivation because, without each other, there’s no accountability.

Coach Dani is motivated by her goals. She says, “The fact that I have unlimited time at the moment to focus on learning how to activate each muscle group has been the best fitness motivator for me. It has encouraged me to perform exercises I had never thought of before. Also this motivator has helped me improve my form.”

Pushing yourself to complete a goal makes the process feel worth it. That’s what helps you to move onto the next goal with a focused state of mind.

Your performance will be impacted by how much you want to complete tasks. Having zero motivation can drag out goals, and although they’ll be finished eventually, the message of positive accomplishment changes. 

By having goals in mind, you are motivated to perform at your max!

Push Your Limits

Have you ever felt more energized and motivated to work harder after someone cheers you on? You feel like you can push your limits farther than ever before!

Without motivation, you wouldn’t feel the need to go beyond what you can do now. There’s no way to grow if you don’t push yourself a little more each time. 

It’s important to know that how fast you push your limits is not as important as how consistent you try to push yourself. By creating that line to cross each time, you motivate yourself to improve every single time you work out. 

Understand that pushing your limits doesn’t mean setting impossible limits; it means having achievable ones that you can push each time on your fitness journey.

We asked Shay what motivated her.  She says, “Kaisa Keranen (@kaisafit) has been a huge influencer to me and such a motivator to be the best coach I can be. She is incredibly knowledgeable, no doubt, but what motivates me is her constant positivity. She is literally smiling in every one of her workouts. She has an intensity about her that makes me want to push…with awesome team challenges that help you reach outside of your box.” 

A Good Mood

Motivation helps you perform and puts you in a good mood! When you do your best, you feel good about yourself, and you’ll be motivated to continue that trend. That’s why we love spreading positivity in our Dana Point and San Clemente gyms. 

Never underestimate the power of a good mood because it can change your whole view while working out. Being in a good mood can positively affect your fitness journey! 

We have motivation to thank for pushing us at our most vulnerable and helping us succeed by pushing the limits.  That’s why motivation helps us perform!


We can’t wait to get back into our Orange County facilities and get our workout on!  If you haven’t already, connect with us on Facebook and make sure you join our members’ page!

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