Hey! So Cal Boot Campers!!

We have an update on So Cal Boot Camp!!

It’s been hard getting through this quarantine without our gym. Staying apart from the SCBC Community has been challenging! But with your help, we’ve adjusted, stayed active, and motivated each other during these hard times! You guys ROCK!

It feels like we’re restarting 2020. Let’s get started on the right foot! We want to hit the ground running when we get back into the gym, and make sure the doors remain open.

How do we do that? We have a plan! Here’s what to expect at So Cal Boot Camp when we reopen!

Class Schedules And Social Distancing

While we are waiting on state and local authorities to give us the green light to return, we have outlined our return plan.

We want to be as safe as possible at SCBC.  Once we restart, we will continue practicing social distancing guidelines at each location.

First, there will be smaller groups per class. We will encourage members to stay 6ft apart from one another during classes, and there will only be 10 people per class – 9 members and 1 trainer. 

The safety of our members and team are our top priority. We will make sure that all equipment is safe to use. In between classes, we will be wiping down and sanitizing equipment, and encourage members to wash your hands after workouts and before you go home.

Front staff will also avoid contact whenever possible and wear protective gear. Together, we can help prevent spreading germs while we exercise and protect our Fit Family!

New Changes For The Better

You may remember that we asked So Cal Boot Camp members to fill out a survey earlier this year! We received great feedback to help us improve and create positive change. After analyzing the surveys, we took note of what we could do to improve your experience!

We’re happy to announce that immediately upon opening, we will incorporate more stretching into our classes! We want to encourage you to do your best, and stretching was one way to help. We hope that this change will enhance your experience at So Cal Boot Camp, and reduce any strain during or after sessions.

Our next change is going to be a process, but it’s happening – NEW EQUIPMENT! 

Many members asked if we plan to add or replace our current equipment on the survey, and the answer is YES! We’re happy to answer that request because we want to help you along in your fitness journey! While this won’t happen immediately, we have begun inspecting new equipment for both locations.

We appreciate your patience in the meantime and can’t wait to break in the new equipment when it arrives! The SCBC Community deserves it.

These are just a couple of exciting changes coming your way to SCBC. Mazl and Arthur, your new CEO’s, are also looking to implement more classes with greater variety of class programs, more mirrors to help focus on form, and more! As we get back in the doors, keep an eye out for these changes! Arthur and Mazl also look forward to meeting you and answering any questions or ideas you have!

Encouragement From Dani And Shay

It’s been a tough change moving from gym to home, and no one knows that more than our trainers. Coaches Dani and Shay have been keeping us going over the last few weeks with their weekday workout sessions on Zoom! 

Just like you, they’re excited to get back into the gym! They want to share how they feel about So Cal Boot Camp opening up soon!

Coach Dani:
I am so excited to see everyone and be able to hug them. I miss laughing with them, hugging them, and talking to them about anything new in our lives! I can’t wait to go back to the gym and get my mic set on and give clients a great experience.” 

Coach Shay:
I am mostly excited to get back into the gym to physically see the community again! I cannot wait to check the form and get everyone back on track with their goals. And I am really excited to introduce the community to our new co-owners and see what great things they have in store for our gym!”


We can’t wait to be back at our Orange County facilities! If you haven’t already, connect with us on Facebook and make sure you join our members’ page!

If you have any questions, reach out to us in the Facebook group!

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