The So Cal Boot Camp Mini Challenge ENDS TODAY!

It’s been an incredible 14 days of challenges, and participants, like Stacy in the blog image, have been CRUSHING IT!

Watching the submitted videos, pictures, and updates come through our Instagram and members’ Facebook page was like watching the SCBC Olympics! GO, SCBC COMMUNITY!

In creating this Mini-Challenge for our Fit Family, we hoped to encourage everyone to have fun and stay motivated for our return to our gym. (Soon!) We hope that you’ve enjoyed these moments! We have!

Here’s a recap of our So Cal Boot Camp Mini-Challenge!

The Daily Challenges

Each day held a different challenge for SCBC members to overcome! It wasn’t easy, and a lot of you conquered it each day! Here’s a recap of all 14 challenges:

Day 1: Headstand/handstand for time

Day 2: Burpees for 1 minute – post total

Day 3: Sit-ups for 1 minute

Day 4: Push-ups for 1 minute

Day 5: Isometric squat for time

Day 6: Sally up/down squats for time

Day 7: Jump rope 1 minute – total jumps

Day 8: Steps for the day

Day 9: Plank for time

Day 10: Wrestlers in 1 minute

Day 11: Atomics in 1 minute

Day 12: Best dance moves for 30 seconds

Day 13: Reverse plank for time

Day 14: 20/20/20 Mountain climbers, groiners, hiccups for 1 minute

These challenges were a supplement to the weekday workouts on Zoom and were little motivators over the weekend. You guys killed it!

Sweat and Support

We laughed, we danced, but most importantly, we worked up a SWEAT! Taking on these challenges is rough on your own, so we were ECSTATIC to see your loved ones join in!

A few participants, like Gloria, had their families get in on the fun! 

We love seeing families staying active together, especially during this time while we’re all at home. 

Even if your family cheered you on from the sidelines or behind the camera, we enjoyed their support!

Furry pals were a big trend in the Mini-Challenge! Susan’s dog cheered her on during her handstand challenge!

Whether it was kisses or just making an appearance, your furry friends were there to keep you going.


Mini-Challenge Moments

As the Mini-Challenge Competition comes to a close, we wanted to highlight some fun moments!

Challenges are hard when you have to do them twice! So Cal Boot Campers know how to be accountable!

Lara dominated the isometric squat challenge! Her husband mentioned that she wasn’t low enough, so she decided to do the challenge twice and perfect her form!


Encouragement was not in short supply on our members’ page and on Instagram! Our challenge had members finding creative places to stay active. Like Milen here!

We loved seeing everyone engaging with each other on our members’ page, and even if members weren’t participating in the challenge, they cheered on their Fit Family!


We know that the challenges weren’t easy, and some of you took them on all while taking part in our daily Zoom workouts! That’s dedication!

We will be awarding some of the participants some SCBC swag.  

We’re so excited to reveal our lucky winners on our blog next Tuesday, May 5th! 

Until then, we’ll be watching the fun dance party videos to get us through the weekend!


We can’t wait to be back at our Orange County facilities! If you haven’t already, connect with us on Facebook and make sure you join our members’ page!

If you have any questions, reach out to us in the Facebook group!

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