Corporate Wellness


A Better Approach To Corporate Wellness

We want your employees to enjoy their work environment, and to bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day. Encouraging your employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice pays off in numerous ways. Change doesn’t happen only in the gym.

Wellness-focused companies perform better and recruit with greater success; which increases the retention rate of your employees.  

A Healthy Company

Help your employees adopt healthier lifestyles while adding measurable benefits to your company

  • Fit employees are less likely to get sick.
  • Fit employees have more energy.
  • Fit employees have more self-confidence.
  • Fit employees inspire confidence.
  • Fit employees tend to take on more leadership roles.
  • Fit employees set and achieve goals.
  • Fit employees tend to have better attitudes.
  • Fit employees are less stressed.

Be A Workplace Hero

Employers that invest in health promotion programs that include physical activity, healthy eating, stress and depression management for their employees can reduce company spending in addition to creating a more efficient and positive work environment.

  1. Create a higher level of awareness for you and your staff
  2. Prevent many chronic diseases that can develop overtime
  3. Help create a healthy environment at your workplace
  4. Reduce overall stress in your employees’ lives
  5. Save your company averagely $1500 each year, for every employee at an unhealthy weight.
  6. Reduce sick days by 28% and medical costs by 26%

The Right Program

We recognize that it is not easy to start, and keep, a constant fitness routine that works with revolving schedules. With our busy lives it is easy for health and wellness to fall far from the forefront of our minds.

This is why we started our 4 Week Wellness Challenge. This 4 week period challenges your employees to compete with themselves and each other to reach their goals. Living a healthy lifestyle will not only make your staff feel better, but it will motivate them to perform at a higher level.  


Corporate Rates

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