Sometimes all it takes is one small change to see big results.  Group

Maybe it’s putting workouts on your schedule like any other appointment. Or maybe it’s finally focusing on concrete health goals.

Maybe it’s just finding a fitness program you actually enjoy.

Whatever it is, we know that making a commitment to yourself – no matter how small – can make a big difference in the way you look and feel.

Diane van Mierlo, our awesome Fitness Coach for So Cal Boot Camp headed up our 2013 6-week Game Changer Challenge with amazing success.

We had a great group of dedicated clients that were ready to make a commitment to themselves. These were some of their goals:

  • lose weight
  • lose body fat
  • put on more lean muscle
  • increase strength
  • have more accountability
  • learn how to eat better
  • learn to develop a healthy relationship with food
  • be able to do more chin-ups.

Diane’s goal was to get the team members committed to a new healthy lifestyle. She met with each member several times during the challenge, set goals with them, guided them in the right direction with their nutrition and held them accountable on the group’s private Facebook page. The Facebook page is where participants posted pictures of all their meals and progress pictures, which helped everyone stay on track.

Group 2With collective support and motivation, members overcame many personal challenges and adopted the recommended new way of eating.

It was great to see how participants challenged each other at Boot Camp workouts, took on the Chin-Up Challenge and participated in the Run or Dye 5K as a group.

Once a team member made the mind-shift from diet to lifestyle – there was no stopping the AMAZING results! We had 22 Members who lost a total of 220 pounds and 150 inches!

Our overall winner was LISA BAUMGARDNER:









Lisa lost 16 pounds – which was 10.5% of her body weight. She lost a total of 9.5 inches from her waist and hips and decreased her body fat by 5%. Lisa also went from zero chin ups to 7 band-assisted chin ups. She participated in all of our activities including the Run or Dye event. Lisa had an amazing attitude and was super supportive to all of the team members! Congratulations to Lisa!

More Results:

Erin Heller: 

Erin Heller

Erin Heller


“During this challenge I learned that it is as easy (or as hard) as you make it. I have been wanting to lose weight for years and just never commit to doing something about it. This challenge was able to give me the push that I needed to lose 14.5 pounds and 12 inches from my waist and hips and 4.5% body fat.”




Jill Berry:Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 10.40.23 AM
Lost 17 lbs – 8.7% of her body weight
Lost 6.25 inches from her waist and hips and 3% body fat

Chris Stewart:
“During this challenge I was able to learn that I am the only one in charge of how I look. I can make the right decisions every day to eat right and exercise, and I can reach the goals that I set for myself. Thanks to the help from Diane and support from fellow Game, I was able to lose 12 pounds 6.5 inches from my waist and hips and 2% body fat!”

ChrisFrancella Vigueras:
Francella’s dedication was able to rub off onto her family and she even said her mom was now following the meal plan! Way to go!
Lost 13 pounds – 7% of her body weight
Lost 8.75 inches from her waist and hips

Larry Burbridge:
“This Challenge was a great way to push me out of my normal routine. I am so much more aware of what I am putting into my body now! I finally did something for myself and I LOVE it! During my time at SCBC, I have lost more than 50 pounds! In six short weeks, I was able to lose 13 pounds, 4.75 inches, and 2.5% body fat!”


Ella Wyatt

Ella Wyatt:
“The six-week challenge meant so much to me in so many ways. I now know that I CAN work out, eat healthy, and reach my goals. During the challenge I got wonderful news that I am finally pregnant! Even with the morning sickness, thanks to this challenge, I was able to complete my goals and I lost 11 pounds, 5.5% of my body weight, and 5.25 inches from her waist and hips!”

Michelle Eiland:
Lost 9 pounds – 7.5% of her body weight
Lost 8 inches and 4% body fat

Rachelle Mudrinich:
Lost 10 pounds, 9.5 inches and 4% body fat

Katarina Nagy:
Lost 7.5 pounds, 8.5 inches and 5% body fat

Our next Game Changer Challenge is starting MARCH 3, 2014.

We have a waiting list and space is very limited. So if you are interested in signing up for our March Challenge, please call us today at 949-218-2267.