IMG_4655Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope that you are all enjoying your holiday and spending time with family and friends.

Even though we can’t see you all on this special day, know that we have not forgotten you!

We have prepared a workout video so you don’t skip a beat! Take a minute to watch this amazing workout we put together for you and stay motivated on your day off!

Here is the Breakdown:

Start off with running 1 Mile

Then do 30 reps in 30 seconds for each exercise:
T -Thrust
H -Hop Touch
A -Ab Crunch
N -Narrow Squats
K -Knee Tucks
S -Squats
G -Good Mornings
I -Isometric Push up (Hold for 30 seconds)
V -V-up
I -Isometric Squat ( Hold for 30 seconds)
N -Narrow Push ups (AKA Diamond push ups)
G -Groiners

End strong with 1 more mile!

Then you’re done! You have successfully made it through our Thanksgiving day workout! We can’t wait to see you back on Friday!