Tonight we celebrate an amazing group of people!

In just 6 weeks, 47 team members participated and achieved unbelievable results. It was so amazing to watch these SCBC members literally transform before our eyes. What they accomplished is absolutely astonishing!

IN 6 WEEKS 47 TEAM MEMBERS LOST 560 LBS & 399 INCHES (from waist & hips)

sclaemeauring tapeThat is an average loss per person of:
12 lbs
8.5 inches
3.5% Body Fat 

We want to congratulate each and every member who took on this challenge and made a change for the better. It is such a huge commitment to yourself and we are so very proud of you all!

San Clemente

Our First Place winner from our San Clemente location is Duke Chadsey!

Duke Lost:image1

30.4 lbs
14 inches from his waist and hips
Reduced his body fat 5.6%

“Before I joined the challenge I was a bit unorganized in all of my efforts.  I had a lack of focus with family, work and my health.  I joined the challenge to get a complete re-start going in my life – I needed to address all facets.  My 2 girls lost their mom to cancer and I need to be healthy and around for them as long as possible!

By joining the challenge I took control of all parts of my life.  The weight loss was a good start, but most importantly, the challenge helped me get in control of my life.

Diane and Tom were very supportive. Overall this was a great experience and I look forward to continuing to improve.  I loved all of it!” –Duke Chadsey

Check out a clip of Duke’s winning testimonial- Just click hereduke edited

Our San Clemente Runner Up is Tonya Warren!

Tonya Lost:

20.4 lbs
17 inches from her waist and hips
Reduced her body fat by 6.3%

 “In the 60 days prior to the Challenge I had gained 20 lbs.  I was extremely unhappy and stressed because of 2 surgeries and a month off of workouts.  I joined the challenge because I KNOW it works and I enjoy all the teamwork and support.

Because of the challenge I am happier, healthier, I have my self confidence back and I have made a lot of great new friends!  I am really happy with the results and am looking forward to continuing and making even more progress.  I learned so much during my first challenge and changed mentally and physically.  This time around, I learned more than I expected and enjoyed it so much!” -Tonya Warren

Group with Tonya

Dana Point

Our First Place winner from our Dana Point location is Pam Lowe!
image1(1)Pam Lost

17 lbs.
11.5 inches from waist & Hips
Lost 3.2 % Body Fat

“Before I joined the Game Changer Challenge I was enjoying Boot Camp and the success I had experienced in my one year of membership… but I was feeling like it was time to push on to my next fitness and weight loss goals. I participated in the first Game Changer Challenge in spring 2014 and had a great experience! I regained fitness that had been lost during a health crisis. I ended up losing 15 lbs. and reaching my first goal. I thought I would go on to reach my second weight loss goal but I did not. What I did accomplish, though, was gaining a consistent and gratifying new habit of exercising daily at SCBC. I maintained my weight loss and increased my strength and fitness and I’m loving it. I knew I still needed to reduce my weight and body fat. So I joined the Challenge again, hopeful I would see even more success, and I have! This time I have lost and additional 17 pounds , 3.2 % body fat , and 11.5 total inches.

I have recently become a grandmother and am very determined to stay healthy and fit so I can enjoy this new season of my life and keep up with my active family. I am thrilled to discover it is possible to achieve this level of fitness at this stage of my life. I am so inspired by the many others at SCBC who are discovering the same thing.

I am especially grateful for Rhonda’s enthusiastic support and encouragement. She convinced me to set high goals and push to get there. Thank you Rhonda , you are truly an inspiration! ” – Pam Lowe

Check out a clip of Pam’s winning testimonial- Click Here

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Our Dana Point Runner Up is Nancy Williamson!


Nancy Lost

18 Lbs.
7.5 inches from waist & Hips
Lost 4.6 % Body Fat

“Before The Game Changer, So Cal Boot Camp got me started on the right track, getting me stronger and more energized. Then my doctor told me that I needed to lose some weight. I was already take medicine for thyroid, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and now pre-diabetic. Losing weight has always been a struggle for me. Joining the Game Changer Challenge has given me the tools and motivation I needed.

“You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!”

This Challenge was a great way to be accountable to my diet and exercise. The camaraderie from everyone at So Cal Boot Camp has made this such a fun experience, with the added bonus of losing pounds and inches. The biggest change was learning how to make better (healthier) food choices and then finding the right balance of Protein, carbs and fat. It definitely has been a learning curve for me. I am so happy with my results and looking forward to my next Doctor appointment.

I am so grateful for the love and support of my amazing daughter CJ. The Game Changer Challenge was her Christmas gift to me. Thank you for your support Rhonda and for believing in me. The Game Changer Challenge is truly a gift of a life time!” – Nancy Williamson

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Can you believe this is just the stories of 4 participants? We had so many amazing results and so many incredible transformations. This challenge helped so many refocus on what is truly important, our health!

group edited

Congratulations to everyone who was apart of this life changing experience. We are beyond proud!

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  • DI and Rhonda
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  • A special Thanks to our Game Changer Coaches: Diane Van Mierlo and Rhonda Alfano!