Are you missing that feeling?

You know… the BURN?!?!

Self-quarantine and coronavirus have stirred up a bunch of emotions for ourselves, loved ones, and friends.  While our So Cal Boot Camp San Clemente and So Cal Boot Camp Dana Point are closed, many of our #SCBCCommunity have been staying active by attending 9 am workouts from Dani and Shay!

While we should be settled in after several weeks of this, many of us are… still unsettled!

Don’t worry; We’re feeling it too!  The team at So Cal Boot Camp wants to share a few tips on how to stay positive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Limit The News

There’s a fine line between information and insanity.  While this illness has caused widespread devastation, Orange County has been very fortunate not to see some of the same level of damage as the rest of the country.  The news still can be traumatizing.  

It also feels like it’s everywhere!

Our Facebook timelines are exploding with people talking about COVID-19.  It can be overwhelming. So why not find a diversion? Focus on our physical and mental health, and share photos and videos tagging #SCBCCommunity!

If you need to stay in the know, make sure you’re getting information from a reliable source.  

We’ve seen what panic and hysteria can cause – toilet paper brawls in stores that resemble WWE events.

Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

It may be difficult to recognize the progress you make, such as your fitness or life goals, when you are confined to the same space every day. 

Have you had to ask yourself, “What day is it?”

Stay grounded and practice self-care.  Join Dani or Shay for those 9 am live workouts in our Facebook member group!

Can’t make it?  It’s OK. We have all of our past workouts in the group.

Have you been crushing the workouts?  Share it with our SCBC Community.

What are you using for weights?  Water jugs, paint cans, laundry detergent, an old typewriter?  We want to see it. Post photos in our Facebook group, or tag us in your Instagram posts using #SCBCCommuity and #SoCalBootCamp.

Socialize with Friends

Too much heavy news can take a toll on your mental health.

So stay connected!  How are you keeping in touch with your FitFamily?

Are you participating in Zoom happy hours, or have you had virtual dining with family or friends?  We want to know how you are coping with the quarantine life.

Socializing online can make you feel like you’re not alone during this isolation period. Be sure to reach out to a friend and make their day!

We can’t wait to get back into our facilities and get our workout on!  If you haven’t been connecting with us on Facebook, make sure you join our members page!

If you have any questions, reach out to us on Facebook.

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