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Upcoming Game Changer Plus Starts September 24th!
Registration starts September 5th and ends on September 22nd!

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The Game Changer Plus Challenge is a 8-week program with a high degree of accountability and a great deal of attention and support from the So Cal Boot Camp health and fitness team. It is designed to help you set specific goals and make a plan to achieve them.

This Game Changer will combine the best elements of all our other programs with the addition of new holistic components that make it into one powerful challenge to produce results.

Due to the individualization and one on one attention participants will receive in the program, we are limiting the number of challengers at each location! There has been a great deal of interest in the Game Changer Plus Program so grab your spot before we fill up!

We Are Your Support Team

We are your Certified Health Coaches, Fitness Nutrition Specialists, and Certified Personal Trainers. We take the “guess work” out of achieving your goals; allowing you to win the fight against weight gain.


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