The Station Method

The Station Method evolved from personal training and it is now adopted for group fitness for class sizes of 24 to 36. The Station Method is based on a 4, 5 or 6 station functional training workout format that is delivered in 35, 45 or 55 min classes that are based on High Intensity Interval Training and combine Heart Rate Training and other technologies to create a higher degree of accountability and success rate for participants.

The Station Method is crafted in such a way that personal fitness instruction by a Certified Station Method Trainer and Station Method technology is synergistically work together to enhance the participants experience.

Some of the technologies include television monitors displaying the workout and heart rate information real time, showing intensity and heart rate zones. Concert style disco lighting, high energy music and fans are automated to deliver an elevated workout experience. Clients can receive their workout summary via an integrated app.

Each station is equipped with its own specialized flooring and equipment and has it’s own TV screen that demos each exercise, modification options, and queuing timing and delivery.

The Station Method is not only a workout that focus on strength, cardio and core training, but a total workout experience that stimulate your body, mind and spirit. Help you burn 300 to 900 calories per class, feel energized, excited, and positive when you live the studio.